Art and the Animal is the flagship exhibition of The Society of Animal Artists (SAA).   Founded in 1960, The SAA is considered to be the most prestigious artist membership organization dedicated to the theme of animals in art.  Over the past 60 years, works created by SAA members have established new standards for artistic excellence in fine art.

Combining natural history and fine art in creative ways, SAA members compete to have their work included in annual exhibitions.  The 2023-2024 exhibition contains 45 flatworks and 15 sculptures.  Discover paintings, drawings, and sculpture of animals from around the globe, including exotic birds, majestic cats, magnificent mammals, and even endangered species. Animal lovers of all ages will not want to miss this enjoyable exhibition of fine art!

Noted wildlife art scholar and author of American Wildlife Art, Dr. David J. Wagner, serves as Tour Director for Art and the Animal.