Our current exhibition NOTORIOUS explores some colorful characters that called Kansas home between 1850 – 1950.  These men and women have been given the title NOTORIOUS, but has it rightly been bestowed?  Through the passage of time, perspectives change and reality can give way to legend. Lines begin to blur just exactly who is truly deserving of the title NOTORIOUS.  From naughty to nervy, noble to nefarious, the NOTORIOUS traveling exhibit introduces visitors to some unforgettable Kansas characters.

NOTORIOUS offers three hands-on activities to spur engagement. Test your skill as an eyewitness with a touch screen-based puzzle. Then, get your hands on a set of dowsing rods and decide for yourself if they work. There’s also a scavenger hunt to help visitors explore the exhibit. The interactive components are designed for all ages, deepen the experience, challenge visitors, and offer loads of fun.  Come prepared for a picture, the exhibit includes a very amusing photo opportunity.

NOTORIOUS will remain on view at the Hansen Museum through January 28, 2024.