Cast Paper Sculptures by Eckman Fine Art

The Dane G. Hansen Museum is pleased to host an exhibit featuring Eckman Fine Art’s collection of cast paper sculptures. Cast paper sculpture, (not to be confused with papier mâché), was invented as late as the 1950’s. The two Eckmans have developed a careful process that is now trademarked by them. Accordingly, Allen and Patty Eckman of Eckman Fine Art are internationally recognized as masters in this intricate, time-consuming medium.

Sculpting from their home in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Marine veteran Allen Eckman’s Cherokee heritage originally spurred him to greatly broaden his knowledge of Native American history, especially beginning with the Westward Expansion in the early 1800’s.

Allen Eckman touching up "Sitting Bulls Vision"

Allen Eckman touching up “Sitting Bulls Vision”

This exhibit not only pays tribute to several aspects of Native American culture, but ties in another special focus, closely related: nature itself.

Patty Eckman telling Shari Buss about "Learning to Pray"

Patty Eckman discussing the exhibition with Museum Director Shari Buss

Complementing Allen’s attention to Native American history, Patty has a detailed awareness of natural beauty, especially wildlife and flowers, and has remarked that color is sometimes a distraction to the underlying intricate forms in nature. As Allen and Patty’s sculptures are typically unpainted, this purity lends itself wholly to the detail of these exquisite pieces.

Eckman Fine Art – Cast Paper Sculptures will be on display from March 8 through June 2, 2019, at the Dane G. Hansen Museum located at 110 W. Main Street, Logan, Kansas. Museum hours are Monday through Friday 9-12 & 1-4; Saturdays 9-12 & 1-5; Sundays & Holidays 1-5. We are handicapped accessible and thanks to the generosity of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, there is never an admission fee. For more information, please contact us at 785-689-4846.

Taking the Bull with the Bow