High School Art February 5 – March 6, 2016

The Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum is proud to present the “39th Annual High School Art Exhibit”. Art students from area schools look forward to showing off their unique artistic talents in the Hansen Museum gallery and we look forward to displaying their fabulous works. This year’s exhibition will be February 5, 2016, to March 6, 2016, and consists of a variety of art forms. Displayed by school, the categories are: painting acrylics/oils, watercolor/tempera, pencil, ink/scratch board, printmaking, colored pencil, ceramics, jewelry, graphic design, pastel/crayon, sculpture/3D design, charcoal/conte crayon, and mixed media.


This annual exhibition speaks highly for our area high school students and the instructors who sharpen the skills and expand the minds of our youth. Schools invited to participate in this year’s exhibit are Hill City, Plainville, Norton, Phillipsburg, TMP, Wakeeney, Smith Center, Ellis, Oakley, and Stockton.

2016_Norton_001_Audrie Burge_Zen_Ink
2016_Norton_004_Miah Melvin_Sky_Acrylic
2016_Phillipsburg_004_Sam Prewitt_Pop Culture Perspective_Color Pencil
2016_Hill City_Kylee Ashbaugh_Mermaid_watercolor
16A_Rachel Koerperich_Norton_ Black & White_12th
2016_Norton_003_Kylie Perez_Rusty_Acrylic
2016_Phillipsburg_002_rhyann Peterson shaw__Mixed
2016_Smith C_Kameron Hraber_World Peace_Mixed_12
2016_Norton_002_Audrie Burge_Shades_Ink
2016_Open house_ High School Art_003
2016_Hill City_Madison Williams_Queen of Hearts_Mixed Media_10