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What goes up must come down. Isaac Newton
Although Newton was talking about gravity, his quote rings true for exhibits at the Museum. Many people read last week’s news and heeded the warning that it was the last week for the Into the Arctic display. It was wonderful to have so many local visitors take advantage of seeing this excellent exhibition at the Dane G. Hansen Museum.
Ironic or appropriate, not sure which is more adept, the arrival of our next exhibit comes at graduation time. Graduation is a “rite of passage” and so is our next exhibition Paint & Palette by local artist Staci Hartman. Paint & Palette is Ms. Hartman’s first solo exhibition and we are exceptionally pleased to host her inaugural exhibit. We sincerely hope Friday, May 19, 2017, the opening of Paint & Palette, marks a new beginning in this emerging Kansas artist’s career.
Aroma is a powerful sales tool. Angie Berens, May’s Artist of the Month, unquestionably comprehends this approach. Her bath and body items smell delightful and are selling quite nicely. Angie has handmade soaps, scrubs, bubble baths, bath salts, deodorants, lotions, and other such goods. These items are on display through the month of May. All Museum members are entitled to a 5% discounts on Artist of the Month purchases which makes these already reasonably priced goods even more affordable.
Looking ahead to June, the Museum has several exciting events coming up. June 11th and 12th Joy of Painting Class returns. June 13th marks the start of our annual water aerobics class. June 16th and 17th brings a watercolor painting workshop taught by Laurie Albin. Registrations for these fun learning opportunities can be found under the respective class or workshop on our website (go to the Classes and Workshops menu tab and then click Schedule of Classes and Workshops). You will find the Student Registration form under the class or workshop listing. Or, call the Museum and we will happily mail a registration to you.

Dane G. Hansen Museum

The Cowboy – Sunday, June 11th

Dane G. Hansen Museum

Desert Sunrise – Saturday June 10th

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