Do You See What I See?

A camera can never see as much as your eye can see. Thomas Zimmerman photographer of our current exhibition The Farmin Artist, told us this when we asked him if he used Photoshop® in his photography.  Thomas explained that he uses Photoshop® and other software to expose his photographs.  In other words, they act as his darkroom.   Using his photograph Kansas Van Gogh, an up-close view of a field of sunflowers backlight by the warm setting sun, showering the sky with a resplendent array of magnificent colors, Thomas walked us through (in nontechnical terms) the process of blending exposures. The process involves getting a correctly exposed photograph for each of the areas and blending them together.  For the full explanation, check out the video “The Farmin Artist Talks Photoshop” on the Dane G. Hansen Museum Facebook page.   

The Farmin Artist, Thomas Zimmerman, with “Prestige” and “Kansas Van Gogh”.

A photograph freezes a moment in time.  The photographer has the power to frame the view they wish to memorialize.  Thomas’ words regarding the eye seeing more than the camera is really inspiring, especially when looking at his beautiful photographs.  His arresting photographs of common items point us to stop and look around.  The Kansas sky makes up a major portion of his subject matter.  We are all privy to the sky, Kansas or otherwise.  If your eye can capture the true image in real-time without any restriction, shouldn’t one be mindful to intentionally steep in the moment.  And, if so compelled, take a moment to capture an image or two to share with those not fortunate to have beheld the same sight.

December also ushers in a new Artist of the Month, Pots Pals Pottery.  Debbie Tobias and Cheryl Steinert of Lyons, KS are the talented potters of Pots Pals Pottery.  These two ladies have filled the Artist of the Month area with gorgeous pottery.  This month shoppers have a fantastic opportunity to purchase quality handcrafted items that are not only beautiful, but truly useful.  This pottery would make wonderful Christmas gifts.  Stop in and check out the Pots Pals Pottery display.

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