Happy Painters

Happy painters filled the Hansen Museum Community Room this past weekend to paint with Joy of Painting instructors T.R. Mathews and Sandy Seamone.  With 43 total painters for the weekend, Saturday’s class spent time in the “garden” painting The Old Pump.  Beautifully rustic, these paintings brought back the good ole days of watering flowers with grandma.  On Sunday, instead of learning how to train a dragon, participants learned to paint a dragon.  The Magic Dragon renditions varied slightly – some were fire breathing and others were not, but all were very good. Check out the results for yourself on the Hansen Museum’s Facebook page.

Andrea Mitchell (Stockton, KS) and April Easterberg ( Plainville, KS) happily painting their “Magic Dragon” at last Sunday’s Joy of Painting class.

Another fantastic learning opportunity awaits you at the Hansen Museum.  Starting Wednesday, July 9th and ending Saturday, July 11th, The Vollbracht Oil Painting Workshop is available for those interested in increasing their oil painting skills.  Instructor David Vollbracht of Medicine Lodge, KS, will teach technique, color development, composition, and brush work.  This 3-day workshop offers students quality learning with an accomplished, award-winning instructor in a small group setting.  It is not too late to sign up, as there are a few spots available.  Registration information is available at www.hansenmuseum.org, or call 785-689-4846 for details.  Treat yourself and come learn with David, it would be time and money well spent.

Innovatively, July’s Artist of the Month Nancy Elting, has taken beautiful flatware and repurposed it into lovely rings and bracelets.  Customers claim that these rings and bracelets are the most comfortable jewelry.  The bracelets come with three charms and if seeking more variety customers are invited to visit Nancy’s booth at the Dane G. Hansen Museum’s 47th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, August 15th to exchange the charms for ones more in tune with their tastes.  Nancy’s goods will be on display and available for purchase through the month of July in the Museum’s Artist of the Month corner.

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