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Staci Hartman addressing the crowd at her Meet  Greet.

Kansas artist, Staci Hartman, addressing the crowd at the Dane G. Hansen Museum’s  Meet & Greet 

Staci Hartman, Kansas Artist…. Contagious and engaging smile, radiant heart, and a prodigious collection of remarkable art. Flattery, I think not. Verifiable facts, most definitely. Anybody who came to the Museum’s Meet and Greet on June 23rd can confirm these truths. It was a charmed event set in the Hansen Museum’s gallery; a delightful artist and an engaging crowd surrounded by the marvelous adornment of art. Early in the evening, Staci regaled the gathering with tales of adventures in painting (bear spray was mentioned at least once). Bravely, Staci ventured on and opened her radiant heart revealing the spark that ignited her passion for painting and the fuel that keeps her fire to paint and compete burning.

Meet & Greet Crowd

Meet & Greet for artist Staci Hartman

It has been an honor working with Staci to bring Paint & Palette to the Dane G. Hansen Museum.  Paint & Palette is Staci’s first solo exhibition and interestingly, Staci also took her first painting class at the Hansen Museum. Fate, coincidence, or appropriate…I think appropriate. Attending numerous classes and workshops (many of them hosted by Dane G. Hansen Museum’s Continuing Education Program) and countless hours locked away in her studio, Staci has worked incredibly hard to develop her art. Through diligence and dedication, Staci is beginning to realize the fruit of her labor. Success in painting competitions is coming more frequently and recently, two Kansas galleries began representing her art. Staci is an encouragement to the Museum, a splendid reminder to stay the course.

David Vaollbracht & 2016 Student

David Vollbracht & student at 2016 Vollbracht Workshop

The Dane G. Hansen Museum’s Continuing Education Program is excited to have representational landscape painter of the west and Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, David Vollbracht, teach a 3-day oil painting workshop at the Museum July 6, 7, & 8, 2017. Each day, David will demonstrate oil painting techniques and teach students to enhance their personal painting style with composition, color, and brushwork. David is an exceptional teacher and currently there is space available in this workshop. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please call 785-689-4846 to reserve your spot today.

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